Who says all superheroes wear capes? 
I believe one person on this earth doesn’t even need that drape!
Since birth he carried me with those arms of love and strength,
For me I know, he is the only man that’d go to any length.
He has happily sacrificed all his dreams for me and my career.
He struggles, he fights and even gets wounded, but still calls me the warrior.
Daddy, I know I’ve always been on the top of your favourites list, 
And the amount of love you shower on me, I thank God everyday that you exist.
Yes, this princess may show tantrums to you for that dress and shoe,
But would turn into a soldier to fight the world if someone ever tried to hurt you.

Sometimes we fight and you scold me even for the tiniest of the mistake,
Lemme tell you that you too are sometimes bossy, where we actually need that little break
And then there comes our coach (Mumma :P) to tell us that we need to see things from a different take
I argue and argue – ‘this is not the right way’, but papa, you’d always be the cherry to my cake! 🙂

You know what, I am just too blessed, yet there is always a room for a bit of stress,
The reason being you, you care too much that sometimes, it’s a mess…
I wanna be a free bird, fly high with the wings of my dreams and you allow me to do so too
But a mere thought of moving away from you is something, I won’t ever be able to break through!

On this day where the world appreciates all the fathers…
I’d like to tell you that it’s absolutely okay if at times you also bother.
It’s okay to be weak and cry and express than standing strong for your family rather,
For you are also a human who has all the rights to drop off that powerful armour!

A father-daughter duo is the loveable of all, 
We may be stubborn with most of each other’s decisions
Come what may, know that you’d always have your doll.
We may not say or ask each other what’s going on
Oh the strongest pillar of my life, your actions have always picked me up whenever I fall.
It is your love and only your love that still makes me believe in the idea of love altogether
And this is why I don’t step back to face the harsh world out there, coz I know my king would be right here standing by me tall.
But hey my hero, I know I know I will always be your little one, but the pride and respect and strength you’ve nurtured me with
Is injected into my veins so much that this lady can stand for you, up against the wall.
For I’d always choose you above ALL. <3