Dear Girls,
This one is for ‘US.’ <3

We know each other from Day 1 of our undergrad days. I don’t actually remember what we said to each other or what exactly was our reaction when we first met. We were then kinda lost in our weird world of dreams, fantasies and adulting, but us meeting surely had a different vibe – it felt like I belonged, like I mattered.

In no time, you people were on the top of my list of favourites and frequently dialled contacts in the phone. We became alarm clocks, personal stylists and deepest secret keepers for each other, because you would know THE THINGS, before I could even realise them. And in those three ‘full of life’ years, you all became my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with whom I loved sharing the couch and a cup of coffee at Central Perk (the ‘only’ bench and some chilli potato and white sauce pasta with cold coffee at Billu’s Hut, NSP). 🙂 

It’s amazing to see how far we have come now- from roasting each other turn-by-turn on Whatsapp groups (that’d never stop, btw :P) to discussing the hassles of our lives, from taking hundreds of pictures on a daily basis (in every Snapchat filter possible) to getting a perfect passport size photograph clicked for professional use, from copying assignments to helping each other with their resumes, from sitting and laughing out our crazy stuff everyday to meeting in months for a lunch. It definitely is a proud feeling when people say – oh these girls are everyday stronger than ever. 😀

Honestly, not that we didn’t outgrow each other, we did, and at times, we even lost touch! We felt as if each one of us traded our bond for materialistic desires. No denying, the thought that things are no longer the same between us, did come in our minds. But you guys did not choose to elope with time, you are the only ones with whom non-stop conversations never turned into unseen messages! Infact, deep inside we always knew, we were just a call away (hah, the one call we made in like 2 years :P) and that one night which we spent disclosing all the hidden stories amidst the greens far away from city life – filled the gap. 😉

But you know what, I feel it was just so right to have that distance for a while. It probably gave us the necessary SPACE to know what exactly we aspire for and to learn from our own choices and mistakes. I’m glad, now that we are mature enough to understand each other’s professional commitments, family priorities and most importantly, emotional unavailabilities, this bond is well secured.

Ladies, since it’s officially the day today, lemme say it, thank you for sticking by my shittiest of decisions, craziest of life adventures and the worst of the sides. THANK YOU for just being there. We may complain, fight, shout, or take our own time to come back at times, but know one thing – NO MATTER WHAT, in all alternate universes, we’d still pick each other to be the best pals!

With all my love,
From the ones who’d always know the ‘Details’