The multi-taskers that we millennials are, we aim to manage multiple things at one time and have invented our own ways for it. The earphones being one of the biggest inventions here. Yes, we’ll be today talking about this very special thing that we run for, after our best friends send a voice note or a video with a short disclaimer (don’t listen with volume on :P).

Listening to music while travelling in a metro or to the instructions of a recipe while cooking our favourite meal, attending important calls while driving the car or to pump oneself (with the motivational music :D) while working out in the gym, the earphones have become our constant partner and the only one we listen to! Needless to say, they are a perfect rescuer from the loud music that some people choose to play in public -_- or simply from the chaotic noises of everyday hustle. Being a good listener – earphones are a PRO at it. We all need our own time and sometimes it is hard to get away and move to a separate place and earphones here play their role like a champ this little device is!

Talking about benefits, there are multiple of them, from ease of use to comfort and flexibility to prevention from damaging radiations of our smartphones. However, moving to the other side of the fence, it is correctly said, anything in excess is harmful and it absolutely implies in this case too. As said earlier, the earphones have now become our permanent partner that we tend to forget and hear out the actual partner (humans around you). These make us too busy in our own world, a world where we are not able to listen to anyone (or at times choose not to)…be it our mom calling from another room, or a vehicle passing by (danger alert X!)
Lol, I just had a thought of a funnier aspect too, remember when you actually picked up the call (that you were trying to avoid huh) directly from the mike attached to your headset without knowing who’s on the other end? xD No denying, most of us have our earphones plugged in for the major part of the day (some of us sleep with them too), be it the wired ones or the earbuds or the headsets. As comfortable as they are – the roses also come with thorns – they also bring along the long-term health effects too.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and that’s a fact! But there’s always a right way, and that way here is apt quantity and an appropriate time to use our gadgets. Put up your earphones, turn up their volume, but just don’t turn off the world for you!!