Women are no less than men…demand for equal rights for all, girl power, male domination, it’s the women’s seat, vacate it…stop crying like a girl…calm down, let the men take the decision- all of these are pretty common phrases we hear and have been hearing all our lives. No denying we do live in or at least are made to believe that the throne of the society that we live in, is owned by apparently called stronger ones – the men. From the time a child is born until the person reaches their deathbed, every spectrum keeps trying to make their points and spend all their lives proving them, be it the professional areas or societal junctions or the individual arena of a human. Everybody, everybody has been running on the road of life, trying to leave their impression and surpassing each other, while the concept itself being the swampland for all.

The question is – why can there not be a perspective of looking at things and relations and genders and everything from their own point of view? What is it always about comparisons? How does everyone agree on the need to draw parallels every now and then when you simply don’t respect the ideology of it (moving together)? We all have been so involved in trying to figure the rights of oneself that the value of appreciation has disappeared in this smoke of competition and justification. Forget about one gender respecting another, one does not even respect their own self. While the women are ready to get crushed voicing out for their rights from local level to national level and being EQUAL to the opposite side, the men on the other hand are always up to do anything to have an upper hand, no matter what. In all this battle of privileges, none of us realizes the significance of being oneself and building on to utilizing their strengths.

Explaining all our above points with a bit of reality check, to all the women out there, yes it’s good to walk hand in hand with the opposite gender, climb the highest of the ladders possible for a person in this world, regardless of the gender that you belong to, but wait you don’t have to trade your charm of being the binding glue of your family for it. Similarly, guys, tell us one thing… don’t you admire being a part of the family where your role is not defined as that of only a bread-earner, but a dependent. Don’t you think that sharing of responsibilities, be it earning for the family or making food at home, has made it a bit easy, more caring and lovable for both the worlds? Then why is it like too much pink for a man to carry off? And a well-tailored suit put on a woman does not represent her unstoppable self. 

On this Women’s Equality Day, Leora is not here demanding equal weights in the scales of life for the ladies or the gentlemen, but a comprehension of the purity of each gender role, the way it is. Ultimately, our power lies in our own ra
dical self and it’s time we start defining it that way only. Let us create a new world where the so-called gender norms are non-existent under the wings of independence for both. Now let us say it, calm down people, breathe, observe, let the beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder.