We humans are sown with seeds of curiosity since birth, from a 2-year old being inquisitive about anything and everything around him/her, to adults trying to find answers to every happening in their lives, we all tend to simply seek knowledge about this journey of life. But as we keep moving up the ladder in terms of age, the thoughts grow along with us. We start learning how to weigh the circumstances and then take our decisions. And it is when there comes a perspective of blissing away (ignorance) in this voyage that is no less than a rollercoaster. The moment of knowledge itself gives a person the option to choose ignorance, be it for one’s own mental space or having no energy to deal with stuff and walking away from the situation. The question for today is one of the toughest that was asked in the world famous beauty pageant show – Miss World 2000 and Leora would love to share her perspective on it.

Let me begin with the obvious disclaimer, knowledge does not come with books, but rather develops with experience, that you undergo with the best teacher you’ve ever had or will ever have – Life. You might be the topper of your class or a passionate doctoral candidate or someone who has expertise in art and craft. However, the question here is: what do you choose in the real world, knowledge or ignorance? Ask yourself, are you among those people who prefer knowing the ugly truth behind the scenes, or the ones that are comforted with a lie? Well, no denying hearing out the bitter truth sometimes does need you to be really brave. Brave enough to know that your best friend is now dating someone and the priorities might alter, brave enough to know that stepping into another phase takes a lot from you even when it opens ample opportunities on the other hand. Brave enough to know that the person that you felt is the one for you, had other commitments, brave enough to know that the B-plan you were so sure about to be a success, comes with hurdles and many more instances like that. And in all these outcomes, we might get tempted to choose ignorance to avoid the hurt that comes along, afterall we are no robots, right? But then, is it the right way of living life? Yes, hiding the truth might give you that relief for a stipulated time , let’s say six months maybe? But confrontation is indispensable and one or the other day you WILL have to face it, the hard way maybe.

These are the two sides of a coin, but unfortunately, you cannot flip this one and decide! Being on either of the sides does not define your personality. It will always be your call and your judgement would also vary based on the situation at hand. But be careful, you people…these can be really tricky and the ones where you can even mess up the whole situation or freak the people around you. Honestly, there cannot be a better example to it than this pandemic. Imagine if you have any symptom but you neglect and ultimately you are fine too, because it was just a normal flu…your ignorance did wonders and kept calm all around you. But just think what would have happened otherwise. Your negligence might have also caused someone’s life because they were weaker than you to fight the disease. 

Well, walking on the path of truth is like climbing that mountain with a vision in mind which can be really tough in the beginning but eventually when you are on the top, the view will relieve all the pain and it will all be worth it! While on the other side, it is ignoring the realities for a bit that could help you enjoy the calmness of the beautiful sunset point in between. So people, nothing is ever right or wrong in this complicated yet beautiful life, you just gotta live in the moment and continue to pursue your dreams. When the time is right, everything will fall into place…