Hellllloooooo Peopleeee!
(Read it the way Vidya Balan said it on radio, and not the recent YouTube famous – Hi friends, chai peelo 😛 )

So, how long has it been since you last dressed up? *Counting the number of days*
Sorry to pull the strings guys, we’ve completed more than a half century in it. Frown face – because we are sure that must be an instant reflex to this statement. Hi5 to all! 

But there’s always another side to the coin, no? It’s a great one here – Acceptance. Most of us have accepted the way we are looking right now, be it out of fear of going out or laziness to try stuff at home. We are from the latter one, btw! 😀

Well, this lockdown has surely helped us all retrospect and at least think about how and why we have been running noisily in this Olympics of life. But you know what is the harsh part here – we all may end up in the same pot hole after all this gets over, because societal constraints, peer pressure, competition, humiliation, self-doubt, and this n that.

It’s like hitting the wall, my friend, but tell me did you not tell yourself that I wish I had curves like that woman, or I had the height like that handsome! Of course yes, all of us did that, well, we aren’t saying that thinking and working towards being better is not what you should do, but do it when you feel like, do it for your happiness, do it for your satisfaction. Do it for YOURSELF.

She is so fat that she might burst one day. 

There is no way that this jeans is going to fit him. 

With those pimples on her face, she is never going to find a date.

He’s so short. Real women never like such goblins!

Ghar wale khana nahi dete? (Do your parents not give you food?)

Seriously, you still have no beard. What are you, kiddo? 10? 

Guys do not like stick figures, you should probably work towards getting on some curves. 

Too skinny, too fat, too dark, too pale, too ugly, too flat, too curvy, too muscly, too faggy – AND TOO MUCH OF GARBAGE YOU EXHALE WHEN YOU SAY ALL OF IT!!! 

Phew! People, you have NO IDEA how much it affects an individual, their judgements or opinion about their own self and even the world around them. Trust us, it just takes A LOT to come above it and gather oneself to move ahead. And you know what is the worst part? Provided that everybody is aware of the harsh consequences, it still continues and is so common a thing that nobody even talks about it. Funny.

No denying that while reading through this article, each one of us must’ve got at least one thought of the times when we were on the other side of it. Sorry (Not sorry) to trigger it for the ones who are on the commenter part, and the other ones, you are not alone! 

Actually the truth is, almost all of us in this so-called modern generation of the 21st century are victims of Body Shaming – criticizing or commenting on someone else’s appearances – be it in front of them or without their knowledge. The form in which it manifests does not matter.

Let’s take one of the most relatable examples. While binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we all preferred the slim and sexy Monica Geller, right? But we too never ignored her chubby past where she was several sizes larger than a *normal and pretty* girl, as also pin-pointed by every person around her. Though the end result of these comments and stereotypes resulted in her shedding all that weight, it still was a  running gag throughout the show (and the life of her character).

Not to forget, even the mention of Vidya Balan in the beginning was on purpose. While we started writing this, she was the first name that came up on our minds. A year ago, she broke apart while presenting the idea and consequences of this action through a video. Her message was loud and clear, but the hassle still continues. 

Do you see how negatively powerful this is? (Sigh) 

The question is – WHY? What is the need for it? Who gave you the right to censure God’s creation? How does that give you any sense of happiness or satisfaction? (maybe a few seconds of laughter, yeah)

Is someone’s self-worth really dependent on the looks and body conditions which are most of the time uncontrollable? Were you asked before your birth how’d you like your eyes or nose to be, sleek nose and big eyes – did you choose it? Do you have all the information why he or she is like that, do you know what the person might be facing to get through it? No, right? So, stop it yaaa! Just STOP.

We, Leona and Eira, personally don’t even think it is realistic for our bodies to be 100% perfect. All of us have lumps, bumps and rolls, all of us are humans! We are sure most of you agree too. The only ask is, either define the unrealistic beauty standards of all time (that might exist in the minds of many) for the diverse population of around 8 billion people, or simply stop commenting on it for one other.

Believe us, the only effort it would take is realization. Let’s start a new array, a new idea and a new hope of acknowledgement, apprehension and admiration. Let’s follow the triple A rule to transform this cruel world into a beautiful reality for all.

Since the whole world currently stands still at the red signal in this road of life, let’s deep dive into our own vehicles to come out as strong and different when it’s actually time to put in that first gear yet again!

From us to yours,