Youth – what do you think is the age group that falls under this category? According to Oxford’s dictionary, youth is the time before a child becomes an adult. Going by this, let’s say when a person is in his/her late teens and early twenties is when the world considers them to be in the category of young people. Leona and Eira being from the same age group are here to discuss with you one of the biggest tussles of belonging to this age group and we are sure our readers from the same club too feel the same way! 🙂

Youth since long has been regularly stating that their voices are not sufficiently heard, their needs aren’t recognised and that their engagement and empowerment at various levels is still lacking, be it a little household discussion or a political agenda at global level. It’s too easy for important matters- whether big or small to overlook young people in decision-making. And it has become common for people from our age group to hear everyday that you are too young to understand or comment on things. Tbh, we do agree to the fact that experience is the best teacher of life but this doesn’t imply our voices don’t matter. This often leaves us wondering, how do people actually define these barriers for a group that constitutes a major part of the world population and whether their opinions should be taken into account for decision-making or not, just because of the sole reason of how old we are? 

We should not forget that these are the most uncertain times of all and this lot of young people are the ones who accommodate to these changing environments much faster than everyone else. Youth today possesses the most dynamic, energetic and creative minds that have the potential to provide solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges and help transform societies into a better world. We truly believe that youth are capable, educated and well opinionated to understand the importance of exercising their opinions and how to derive these into a new force behind a meaningful change that speaks volume. And the world itself is witness of the fact that when young people raise their voices, nothing but wonders happen!

The International Youth Day is observed across the globe on 12th August to put the spotlight on youth engagement. Sticking to the theme for this year’s IYD, we aim to change the narrative and enhance the inclusivity of young people not only at local or national but also at global level and even in the tiniest matters of our everyday lives. There can be no better example than quoting Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize Winner, who in an interview with Women Delivery Young Deliver gave a message that was loud and clear: As for leaders, I would say that they all should have noticed by now that this generation is ready to speak out, write, lead, march and vote on the issues important to them.

In the end, the only ask in this whole discussion from the other lot is to understand that there can never be boundaries to someone’s expression. Just hear us out – that’s all!