You all must be wondering why we chose this topic to write? Talking about a pretty obvious thing? Um no doubt, a valid question, we’ll come back to that.

Let’s begin with an activity this time. For this, just close your eyes for about 30 seconds, take a moment there and think about that last thing you did just for yourself. Think about that time where your whole self was completely dedicated to you, we repeat just YOU.

Okay, so what did you see? Some of you might have pictured yourself working out or following those essential beauty routines, some would have seen yourselves cooking, dancing or maybe painting, some may have considered sleeping for a little while (completely agree with this lot :P) and all of it, just to take the much-needed break and escape from the chaos of your everyday lives.

Coming back to the choice of the topic – we have another simple question for you – the moments that you just visualised, were you actually with your only self in those times? Were you really able to set aside yourself from the world, from those emotions and from that constant thought in your mind that urges you to take that little break and avoid those never-ending hassles of life? Hmm…made you think about it again? There we go!

The whole point is, this amazing thing on the top of our body, the brain, is in process 24×7 or maybe feels like more than that sometimes. All of us keep flowing the fluids into this section with our xyz reasons – THE THOUGHTS.

None of us would deny that all these thoughts in our minds have been so captivating (good or bad) that we tend to forget to just chuck them for even a few minutes. 24 hours in a day, which is like 1440 minutes and we don’t even have 5 out of these to give it to ‘just’ ourselves. Not that we don’t know it is needed, it is just something that we always miss out in our list of priorities. 

Know why? Because we don’t think it’s (that) important. We never realised that it’s as important for us as food and water to our body, and we often trade these 5 minutes for our favourite TV show, or that pending assignment that we think needs it more for now. Just because we never choose ourselves first!

No lecture and stuff, but it’s your body and soul that needs you- just a few minutes and it’d act as a therapy. With time you’d be able to practice and observe that feeling of contentment – yes, I did it for myself…similar to what it right now feels with ‘yayy I completed that task or cooked my favourite food.’ The difference is, the one for self would be magical and not something you will be able to express. Well, all of us would agree, the times one cannot describe are the only ones they actually lived. 😉

Leora is here to speak about it today because she tried it and felt the vibe and would love her readers to join the club too, not asking for a lot, but just 5 minutes in a day for yourself! Another important factor is that even to serve others, you need the spirit inside you to replenish- you can never serve from an empty vessel.
This very little time would offer you a whole different perspective about YOU. Remember this time shouldn’t have any involvement from other humans (be through texts or in-person) and even your thoughts. All the grace and power of that moment should belong to yourself. It should be just you in the whole damn picture. Be with yourself and let us say it beforehand, you all have the ability and time to do so.

Food for thought – In the end, you are the only ‘you’ you will ever have.