Waking up and chasing our dreams or sleeping back to them, it’s one of those choices we struggle with, every morning. But know what, if we are working on a dream that we’d wanna live, the decision is not that difficult.

It is not necessary if you studied Engineering in Undergrad, you cannot pursue a career in Wildlife photography. Hey people! This Independence day we touch upon one of the most important topics – career choices – that movies like “3 Idiots have presented so beautifully. The question remains is – did we start following what it taught us? Or are we continuing to act the same as before – letting our decisions become a weight that hangs around the neck?

It is often said, a dream is something that does not let you sleep. You may also argue here, for I have pulled all nighters for my 9-5 job or those college assignments’ deadlines, working on them passionately. But hey, did you just say, you had to? There lies the difference. When you love what you do, you don’t count it. It all comes down to your aspirations…the motivation, inspiration and direction start coming along your way without you even realising it! You do not survive the days, you actually live them. The work, how tough or tedious it may look from outwards, no longer feels like a burden, but an ardour of happiness and contentment. And crashing the bed at night post that crazily-hectic schedule for others, becomes a joyous feeling for you.

Eira talking about her experience, would like to mention that she did at one time take the decision of her professional life to adhere to her father’s command, but later realised that maybe it was just a direction that he showed to his daughter (who was actually lost in the whirlwind of this big world). However, once she perceived how much she loves to do what she’s doing, things became better and bigger! The best part is the command was not a pressure, rather something she chose herself. She couldn’t be more grateful for the destiny to unfold things for her so smoothly.

Guys, yes, it’s easier said than done, but it’s tougher holding on to the decisions that you did not make. It is your dream, your goal, your career – NO ONE can or has the rights to define it for you. We repeat, NO ONE, but YOU. One who has dreamt of something has got all the powers of the universe to make it a reality. All that’s needed is for you to own it. Own up to your passions, be willing to take that risk to get closer to it, work on it everyday step by step, keep working on it, fall in love with it. Believe me, everything falls in line at the right time, JUST don’t lose it in between when you’ve already manifested yourself as the world’s best artist, even when the classes in college were about Economics.

Just know, the *so-called things* would always come in the way of your goals. Be it someone’s expectations or any prior commitments. But my friend, this is what we call the test of life. And life gives you only one chance to excel in it. Take it or let it be. The choice is yours. Today, let’s get free from the shackles of societal pressure and start following what our heart desires. Let’s be the owner of our choices!