While we are discussing the Gen-z’s trends, it is imperative to include their new best friend – Memes. Sarcasm and puns have their own existence and that too a powerful one. Undoubtedly, they seem to have taken over the modern communication, from the social media feed to our social lives, it’s all about them. Expressions have been altered. The earlier ‘for example’ has been replaced by ‘I saw a meme that day related to this.’ Sharing a meme and tagging your friends in it, is now the same as sharing a relatable feeling and later on discussing these on several occasions. Even memes at times help us recall the good or bad times that were eloped with time and there we are reminiscing our old days!

And wait, Leora is not here this time to show you the other side of this new-age social media trend or criticising the memes AT ALL! What’s the harm mahn? Social media and it’s content delivery has been growing everyday and so do us along with it, we adapt. The fact that the core values of memes completely represent the idea of a democracy: of the people, by the people and for the people – just makes them more applicable and relatable for our generation. Memes did come into the picture with a sense of sarcasm and fun, but we’ll all agree that there seems to be no better way of showing a reference of a NAME-PLACE-ANIMAL-THING (90s kids, nostalgic enough? :P) OR ANYTHING (for that matter) in today’s world that amplifies within minutes.
One snapshot from the famous Bollywood movie and a reference text, that’s all you need and there you lay back in your chair to see the viral effect of it. Like.Comment.Share – woah! What a super rule it is. In case of memes you don’t even need to ask people for adhering to the rule, it just comes along! Apparently it is a cultural phenomenon which is being used since ages to simulate an emotion, idea or action. The digital era has just remodelled it in its own fancy ways. Ruling over and above the print media and broadcast news, memes are not only a source of entertainment, but an influential sword that is playing mightier than a pen in this case! However, is it all just about fun and sarcasm? 

Well, memes have been there for a while now and have been constantly evolving in their forms… from bringing humor to a statement, these have become a major fashion for promotions in a business too. Imagine the memes taking over social media pages of luxury brands like Gucci and doing wonders as one of their key marketing strategies. Publishers and bloggers are progressively using these pictorial representations to engage with their audiences and bring more traffic to their platforms. These are now coming forward as viral images of opinions – be it political, ironical or social – ultimately being a medium for spreading the news globally. Moreover, all those who had a fear of voicing out their thoughts in the public domain now have a perfect means to express their stance while ensuring worldwide fame. Even being seemingly harmless, with all these powers come responsibilities, and all we need to ensure is meme responsibly!