Everybody loves it when things go *their* way, and that way is unique to each one of us. However, call it the bitter truth maybe, as much as we want the things to remain hunky-dory, time and life plays its own roles and we can’t help it (at times). Given this fact, we’ve chosen our own means to get through all this and continuing the digital trends that we’ve been talking about, blocking the number, unfollowing the person on every social media account, or removing WhatsApp DP, are some of them. Tbh, which is absolutely okay, of course when the all-day long conversations turn into unseen messages, when your best friend turns into a stranger (or maybe worse than that), when that one person on your social accounts just starts getting on your nerves or feels like taking away the positivity in your life, YOU definitely need A WAY OUT. And for your own peace of mind, no matter how impulsive a decision it might look, it just feels right then!

But you know what, we somewhere have entangled ourselves in all this rush and hush. The glamorous outlook does assume that ‘moving on’ means erasing the existence of the person from your life and the ways we listed seem to be the easiest ones. No denying, it is not easier to let go of things and people in one’s life but accept it, every experience or person is a significant part of the change in you and you can’t take it away from them. Hence, the question is – Is this really what it is about? Isn’t it a forceful action (the blocking-unfollowing thing)? Does that actually give you your peace? Do you actually want to do it?
The world around you is selfish and so is what you need to become for yourself. The most difficult task in today’s world for anybody is to make themselves happy, like the actual happy (not the fake one, and we know you guys know the difference). Thus, if it’s actually about yourself, for you, something that gives you your happiness, DO IT. Believe us, this can be done literally by any medium. You feel blocking, muting, deleting or unfollowing might be the best option, go for it! You feel that it does not matter to you whether they appear constantly on your social media platforms but what matters is that you are getting real updates on how they are or what they are upto- because you cared once and still care- let it be. Taking care of you is not about running from situations or people, rather facing it like a fighter you are and taking decisions like a boss (of your life) that you’ve always been!

Ending this on a strong note, not at any time forget yourself and the beautiful goals (that keep bringing that smile on your face everytime you think about them) in all this chaos that the digital trends in patterns of youth today have to offer to you. Keep growing even in the dynamics of this digital era but do not let it lead your life.