What’s up people? How does it feel to make it this far (7th month) in this crazy year 2020, when every moment feels like the last? If we were to answer, grateful is the word. Period.
We know none of us wants to really talk about what season 1 of 2020 had to offer. And don’t worry we are not here to make you read it all over again. The only try here is to have that necessary reflection to get our heads straight for the future…because all we want now is a calm and peaceful season 2 of the year.

Let’s look at the brighter side first. The clear skies! So much that we are able to do star-gazing in the busiest cities like New Delhi. Pollution levels going down, breathing fresh air and that pleasant weather in the hottest month of the year. Like seriously, cool breezes, rain showers and rainbows in June definitely felt like a blessing in disguise to us. Arrey arrey – Work From Home guys- how can we forget the excitement of it initially? No travel time, lying on our beds with the laptop and working with favourite music on…dream come true? 😛 Loving me-time and family time, playing board games, cooking favourite dishes and posting them all on social media (of course xD). Everything feels like a break from the hustle of life? No lies, it does.

One second? Do you think all this is to give you your *so-called much-needed* break? Or the other way how we’ve been putting it – a break for nature? Uh-huh (bursting the bubble) NADAAA!

Heard of this saying, what goes around comes around? Well, it surely does. Let’s understand it through the smallest example, no? Super amazing weather outside, fresh air to breathe, clear skies on the head, got the luxurious car to drive in hands, but where are we? Stuck at home. 🙂
To the most privileged species – Homosapiens, let’s face it! It is a response to our decades and centuries of misuse, exploitation and abuse of the environment that culminated into Global warming, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, earthquakes, extinction of species and now this deadly virus! 

Yes, we’ve been happy and comforting ourselves knowing the largest ozone hole above the Arctic circle is sealing, the seismic noises from earth have significantly reduced, Air Quality Index is improving, the water of Ganges being sparkling clean and the dolphins are spotted playing around on the coast of Marine Drive because of less water traffic. But keeping in mind there’s always two sides to a coin, dusri side bhi dekh lein zara?

So yeah what was that thing that we see on social media at the end of every year – words that were mostly used or became famous in this year. Hah! End of the year? Words? We already have plenty of incidences in our basket – The CORONA, cyclones, earthquakes, locust attacks, forest fire, Ebola outbreak, world war, army attacks, animal ill-treatment, suicide, deaths, huge crisis to the tourism industry, factory fires, gas leaks and what not! 

2020 not only feels like an apocalypse for the world as a whole, but has been a nightmare for us as an individual as well. It’s been more than 100 days and we haven’t met our favourite people. Hugs, kisses and even handshakes are lost. Masks, social distancing, work from home, sanitisers are the new normal. And imagine in the hardest times of all, doors to places of worship were also shut down for the first time in the history of mankind. The Dalai Lama correctly said, “All across the world there is widespread fear- fear of getting the virus, fear of death, in fact it’s being called a fear of fear.”

Tbh, you all would also agree, our world was already so complicated and now our deeds have completely ruined it. And it is actually high time to retrospect and understand what all this is. People, mother nature is not in it’s recovery phase, it in fact is a reaction! A reaction where we now have to reap what we sowed once.

The earth is constantly giving us signals, and this clearly demonstrates the urgent need for sacrifice and effortless commitment to revive it and sustain only the positive effects of COVID-19 going forward. THIS is the need of the hour, looking at the unlocking of the things around you. It’s time for us to take hold of our responsibilities and play our parts, in whatever way possible. Yes, we’ve started to move out and all of us have that *thing* in us right now, to push everything back to normal, but hey my friend, let’s not PLEASE set our home (the earth) on fire again! Nothing, but our actions can either improve the processes for future generations, or else, this time by all odds, we’ll push ourselves deep down in the hole of global doom. Let’s take it as a second life and last chance for us all!

We not only need a world free of corona, we need the one where hunger, poverty, rape, fear and terrorism no longer prevails, where animals are loved and cared, where we are kind to each other and OUR WORLD. It’s time for us to consider the worth of what we have and not take anything for granted. For Karma does teach us a lesson, but it being our own creation, we have all the powers to define its direction.