We know there has been a past that was unkind to you.
We know there are instances that landed you in this dark hole.
We know, nothing seems okay – career, friends’ circle, relationships, personal being, family life, society, the rushing city, the huge country, the whole world out there. NOTHING.

You’ve suddenly started isolating yourself from everyone, even the closed ones, the loved ones, the go-to people…
The stressed-desserts rule stopped working, the chit-chats with your crazy ass friends seem delusional, the happy places no more make you happy.
All the dreams seem crashing down towards the ground, time moving out of your hands like sand and you feel like being trapped in a marsh.

You feel lost…somewhere in the darkness…something you did not choose
You are tired, tired of crying, tired of hurting yourself, 
And extremely tired of hiding it – from the world, your family and your friends
You feel like hell inside your head every second!
You feel like saying it all out loud, shouting on the top of your voice, getting over it
BUT, you just don’t know how to say it, explain it, make others understand it and on the top of it make yourself understand all of this…Ahhh!

But, YOU STILL GO ON, you try the best to make it through.
You try every morning, every night and every moment of the day you sit by yourself.
You struggle every moment and you still fight the war with every daemon in your head
You’ve forced yourself at times, pretending to be all okay, putting that curve on your face, because it engulfs it all
You continue to live, when you actually want to die and let us say it, NOTHING, nothing in this world is stronger than that!
You are a warrior, friend! A true warrior.

YES, all of this is a maze which keeps tangling and twisting you in it.
BUT honestly, there is no shame, absolutely no shame if you suffer from it, be it Depression or any sort of mental illness.
You need not be caged in a world of your own. You are not alone! 

It is tough, tougher than anyone of us can imagine, but that wounded soul needs to be opened up to someone.
That someone can be anybody you feel like talking to, trust us, anybody!
But PLEASE – Talk. Communicate. Express. Seek Help. JUST LET IT OUT.

Try to practice Gratitude – you’ll be amazed at the littlest of the wonders you have held with you.
Try to share whatever is there on your mind, you are not bothering anyone, your people need you, and they love you so much that you ending up your life for losing hope, will leave them with a hole for the rest of their lives.

And for the rest of us…
They are fighting demons…but it’s not a disease!
And we are no one to judge! Mind it DO NOT.

It won’t go away with just a ‘Dont be depressed’ advice, there is a need to understand the gravity of this state.
The ones suffering are not asking you to show some pity. 
Neither are they trying to seek any attention, nor are they trying to gain sympathy…

They are the wanderers who just seek love and warmth.
They are swinging on a very fine thread people, and even a single word of kindness might save their lives, a thousand times! 
Let’s be there for each other. Let’s make kindness the new love.